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Back to NORMAL hours! Tuesday-Saturday
11am-3pm for lunch!
Updated 03/21/2022
Call 378-2812 during those hours with any questions or special requests. If we don't answer, we're just busy with folks. Please COME IN! We'll get you in and out in a jiffy! We're SUPER FAST!

Tex-Mex, Americana, International Flavors
Local Drafts from HooDoo, Black Spruce, and Latitude 65 

Lane's Quickie Tacos

3412 College Rd Suite 1

Fairbanks, AK 99709



Sit Down/Take Out/Jam Out:

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm 

Lunch 11am-3pm

Walk-in and order with us super fast. We're built for speed, and we provide nothing less. You're in and you're out! Sit down and eat with us, or take it to go! There's some pretty decent music playing, and there's always some good conversations and great people to meet. Voted #1 for Best Fast Food in Fairbanks by good folks like you! If you need a large order of over 20 tacos, please send us a private message on our Facebook page one day in advance so we can cook enough food for our regular customers. We will respond as soon as we see your order. Sorry, our phone is turned off for lunch. Don't want to be rude to the folks in line!

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