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Back in June of 2013, just a few days after starting at the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market, Gary Black wrote about us in an awesome article in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner's Food section. We hit like 3/4 of the page! Click here to read it. If you click on the News-Miner logo it will also take you there.

AND in 2017 we were voted #1 for Fast Food by the lovely readers of Fairbanks in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner's Readers' Choice awards! It was such an honor to be voted in as the best fast food in Fairbanks. We didn't even know someone had nominated us until the voting began! Thanks, Fairbanks, for all your love, support, and hungry tummies. We couldn't do it without you! Click here to check it out!

Out of the blue, one of our regulars sent me a private Facebook message saying something like, "Hey, check this out! Congrats!" Low and behold, to my weary eyes did appear an article of the 52 best taco places in all of the United States and two territories. Guess who was chosen as having the best tacos in Alaska? Who's got six thumbs and serves up some good taco love? The staff at Lane's Quickie Tacos, that's who! Click here to check out the article and find your home state's best tacos. It'll be fun. We promise.

This one was another shocker. Someone sent us another Facebook message congratulating us on our Top 10 List placing. How does this stuff happen? We have no clue. But we're happy to be on the list! We strive everyday to bring the best possible tacos we can to your hungry bellies. #1 Goal: Don't make crappy food. Click here.

Here's another surprise. Somehow we ended up on the Alaska Taco Trail! We don't know who did this for us, but we're so thankful for the kind words! This is a taco trail worth traversing if you ever have the time. Click here for the list.

We got invited to be part of a really awesome social media marketing class provided by the UAF School of Management. Tammy Tragis-McCook and her students were amazing. We ended up with THREE different social media marketing strategies, and we got some new taco heads out of it, too!

Here's another surprise! It's funny how folks never contact the owners of these restaurants. :-) I had to find out from one of our loyal taco heads about this one! Apparently we're the tacos you have to have in Alaska! Thanks, we'll take it! 

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