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I'm Lane. It all started one cold, icy day. May 18th, 2013. My best friend and I pitched our tent up at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market after chiseling away the ice off the concrete. It never got above 26 degrees that day. We were cold, but the food was HOT! We were one of only two food vendors there that first day and we SOLD OUT! I was hooked after that.

Two weeks later we were in the Daily News Miner in a great article by Gary Black. The Farmers Market launched our business into the stratosphere.

And here we are today. 3412 College Rd Suite 1. Fairbanks, AK 99709. Above The Marlin.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-3pm for lunch. 

We're open all year 'round unless we decide to take a week or two off for a little break. Vacay. Fishin'. Snoozin'. Relaxin'. Whatever's clever.

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